nanofeed consortium member

National Agricultural and Food center

National Agricultural and Food Center (NPPC) is project coordinator. The center connects together 7 research institutes in the field of agriculture and food research. The centers are located across the Slovak Republic and enable performing advanced research tasks in the whole area of food and feed research.

NPPC in NanoFEED projects is performing two key research activities:
1. Development of microparticle-based drug delivery systems via spray drying (Food Research Institute, Modra, SK).
2. Evaluation of feed effect on cattle (Research Institute for Animal Production, Nitra, SK)

IGV Greenfood

IGV GREENFOOD GmbH is a German institute founded to bridge the gap basic research and development of new food and feed products. IGV GREENFOOD has a multidisciplinary team of experts with relevant background for development and characterization of new food and feed products.

IGV GREENFOOD in NanoFEED is responsible for the analytical, chemical and biological evaluation of developed formulations. The systems will be evaluated using state-of-the-art methods and instruments.

Agricultural university of athens

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is a top Greek university in the field of agriculture, food and feed research. University is represented by Department of Biotechnology - Laboratory of Cell Technology.

The primary role of AUA in NanoFEED project is the development and evaluation of novel feed formulation in advanced organotypic models. The models will be used for simulation of the gastrointestinal tract in vitro and replacement of animal testing.

University of veterinary medicine in vienna

University of Veterinary Medicine (UVM) in Vienna is university specialized in research and education in the field of animals. Institute of Animal Nutrition is involved in NanoFEED project. Institute is examining the effect of nutrition on animal health by a range of methods including advanced molecular physiology studies.

Role of UVM in the project is the development and evaluation of feed effect on animal health. State-of-the-art analytical methods will be used to access the impact of feed on animal physiology.

Selcuk university

Selcuk University in Konya (Turkey) is focused on material science and nanotechnology. Institute is equipped with state of the art analytical, microscopy and spectroscopy methods.

Selcuk will be responsible for the evaluation of particles and active molecules using high-resolution microscopy, infrared spectroscopy and other advanced analytical methods.

Nutrition sciences n.v.

Nutrition Sciences N.V. (NSNV) is a company specialized in vitro and in vivo nutrition evaluation. NSNV is one of the top companies in the field and has a long list of successful cooperation with industrial partners.

Role of NSNV in NanoFEED project is responsible for active molecule selection to achieve the maximal effect of animal health.

inocure s.r.o.

InoCure s.r.o. is a Czech SME focused on the development of novel drug delivery systems and nanosystems. InoCure provides a full chain of nanosystem development from design and construction of devices, through chemical optimization to functional testing.

Role of InoCure in NanoFEED project is the development of core/shell particles through electrohydrodynamic atomization. The system's production is up-scaled to industrial quantities and properties of particles are characterized by microscopic, spectroscopic and pharmacokinetic methods.

Bio base europe pilot plant

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEU) is a private research institute focused on the development and up-scaling of biotechnological solutions. BBEU has all required systems for process development and speeding up innovative technologies in biotechnology.

BBEU role in NanoFEED is in the delivery of biotechnologically engineered chitosans for particle development.